Jeff Haden is making me do 50,000 Push-Ups and 10,000 Sit-Ups
July 13, 2017

I decided to do 50,000 push-ups and 10,000 sit-ups by the end of 2017. Today is July 13, and there are 172 days remaining this year including today. And I have Jeff Haden to blame.

I was on LinkedIn this morning and caught an article that was liked by Jay Venkat. It was an article titled Here Is What Happened When I Did 100,000 Pushups and 50,000 Sit-Ups written by Jeff Haden. That led me to reading his original article titled Mental Toughness, and Why Rob Lowe Is Making Me Do 100,000 Pushups and 50,000 Situps. And now I’m gonna try something like that. Not for the mental toughness part, although that might be a good side effect, but because I am severely out of shape.

There is slightly less than half the year left, so I thought I should do half the amount that Jeff did to maintain a similar rate. Push-ups, I think I can manage. But sit-ups, I know it’s not a likely scenario. Did I mention I was severely out of shape? I had never done more than 20 sit-ups in a row and never more than 50 in a day, so I modified the challenge to 50,000 push-ups and 10,000 sit-ups in 172 days. That’s 291 push-ups and 58 sit-ups per day. PER DAY EVERY DAY for the rest of this year. Apparently, Jeff was in a pretty good shape when he did this. On the first day, he did 276 push-ups and 140 sit-ups in just over 30 minutes. I barely did 15 push-ups, and now I need a 30 minute break. I don’t know if I can even do 10 sit-ups in a row, but I’m gonna try very soon.

Three good things that came out of this:

  1. Jeff got me to watch The Grinder (FOX), the Rob Lowe show that got him started on his push-up/sit-up journey. It got cancelled after one season so maybe it’s not that good a show, but Jeff calls it a “whimsical, warmhearted, very funny show” so I am intrigued.
  2. I found this app called Strides. Hey, we need an app for everything, right? This app helps you track all your Goals & Habits in one place. I have a few other habits that I was trying to form, and this app seems pretty cool.
  3. I’m gonna start writing again. This is blog post 1. My goal is to write at least five times a week. And the Strides app can help me with this too.